6 Must-Know Space Mysteries That Scientists Can’t Explain (You Won’t Believe What Scientists Revealed About #5)

There are several mysteries about space that even scientists cannot explain how it happened or how they came to be. The universe exists for roughly 13.7 billion years ago but there are still mysteries that have continuously shocked astronomers to date.

Dark Energy

A close up of clouds in the sky

The mystery of the dark energy also referred to as the Poltergeist, is believed to cover up to 27% of the universe, while the ordinary matter makes only 5% of the universe. The question is, “What makes up the remaining 68% of the universe?”

According to the recent hypothesis, we are made to believe that the remaining percentage is entirely what is termed as “dark energy.” One astonishing fact is that dark matter appears to mesh galaxies together. In contrast, dark energy wants to push everything apart. This is so because it is believed that dark energy is potent and, thus, can tear the whole universe into pieces. Therefore, it is believed that dark energy is the primary source of the increasing expansion of the universe.

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