Astrological Tapestry: Zodiac History And Ornaments -

Astrological Tapestry: Zodiac History And Ornaments

We read about it in some obscure part of a newspaper or magazine (if we don’t online). Or in some widespread midsection of the same mediums. To add, the names of the Signs ring familiar to us. Exposed through decades of astrological mystery and wonder. Attract more fortune in your life with astrological tapestry, and read on to find out how the Zodiac really began.

Astrological Tapestry: Zodiac History And Ornaments

The History Of The Zodiac

Where did really begin? These signs and astrological mysteries. Who is responsible for these mystical phenomenons and beliefs? Its original word, Zodiakos, is of Greek origin, which means “circle of animals.”

Similarly, the term is used to name a specific part of the heavens that constitutes of constellations. These constellations are read and interpreted as signs of a person’s possible character traits. This study of what celestial bodies mean in life and life’s purpose. We also call it “Astrology.” The Sumer were the first recorded people who began using this art of divination in relation to your future, and mine (as we’d describe it).

About 7,000 years ago, priests in Mesopotamia studied the heavens, the path of the sun, moon and of the earth. They used the information to predict seasons. Later, they foretold that these paths of heavenly bodies are linked to a person’s own path as well.

Another Version Of Its History

Astrological Tapestry: Zodiac History And Ornaments

Some historians also show a different version of the history of astrology. That these signs and symbols in the sky were already being used by the Indians during the Vedic era. Similarly, under a different name.

Also, Assyria, during the same (if not earlier) time period were beginning to form more accurate readings of seasons and of dates (calendars). As they studied the constellations, so did they write their own interpretations as either reality or lore. From their eighteen constellations, Alexander the Great reduced them to only twelve. Aptly so, the same twelve we know of today.

Moreover, as Greek power and culture rose, so did their influence even on astrology. Names of some of the constellations were changed to Greek. In addition to this, Greek gods were paired with these heavenly bodies. One for each recognizable cluster of stars.

Horoscopes then began incurring importance. Horoscopes were to give a glimpse into a person’s possible future. Plus, the Greeks believed that your life and your future are parallel to the readings of these star clusters.

For a pinch in history, divination began to wither. Religions started to teach against it until it was almost put behind shelves as mere folklore and fiction. However, the 20th century saw its rise as people went back to the origin of studying the Zodiac. You and I became fascinated with the thought of peeking into the future. And so the Zodiac is what it is today.

Astrological Tapestry: Set Zodiac Ornaments Around Your Home

Astrological Tapestry: Zodiac History And Ornaments

Astrology and the Zodiac aren’t exactly focused on charms the way the Chinese Zodiac is. On the other hand having items relation to divination is said to attract positive energy. Additionally, seeing objects of divination around you is a good way to be reminded of the positive readings of your sign. And the negative ones, being reminded of them can help you understand how to change them into their positive counterpart.

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