Glow In The Dark Stars To Decorate Your Ceiling

If you want your own stars in your life every day and night, literally. Let glow in the dark stars guide your way! Stars have always been a part of man’s search for knowing more. Something about these heavenly bodies gives us hope and a sense of purpose. Read on to learn about Astrology and […]

Mini-Buddha Incense Holder For Great Ambiance

In a world where chaos is a constant, it’s easy to get burnt out. And when we feel burnt out, we begin to feel anxious. We worry. We harbor negativity. The real one is no longer with us. But we can still have his essence. Mini Buddha’s for our peace? Why not? Mini Buddha: Gautama […]

Maneki-Neko: The Famous Lucky Cat Statue

That cat made of porcelain. Or faux gold. Plush material. Or even Jade. Yup, the very cat that you sometimes see on a car’s dashboard waving its paw at any onlooker. It has a name. Also, it has a history as adorable as this Maneki-Neko figurine appears! What Is The Maneki-Neko? It’s not a simple […]

Chinese Zodiac Charms And Their History

Some call them lucky charms. Others, energy charms. You may even have your own pen name for these mystery and curiosity inducing items. Chinese Zodiac Charms. Why are they able to attract the attention of many and have such a following all across the globe? Chinese Zodiac Charms: What Are They? Similar to the Greek […]

Astrological Tapestry: Zodiac History And Ornaments

We read about it in some obscure part of a newspaper or magazine (if we don’t online). Or in some widespread midsection of the same mediums. To add, the names of the Signs ring familiar to us. Exposed through decades of astrological mystery and wonder. Attract more fortune in your life with astrological tapestry, and […]

Zodiac Necklace To Keep You In Touch With Your Sign

Zodiac Necklace: What Is The Zodiac? Also known as Astrological Signs, the Zodiac is actually a specific part of the sky that stretches from the vernal equinox. It can be traced from the ecliptic. Moreover, it is the path that our very own sun follows year round. The 12 Signs The Zodiac has 12 signs […]

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