Cancer Horoscope – Know Everything About This Sign


Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac and is generally a very homely and sensitive personality. They always think about others before themselves. They would give priority to their home and everyone inside their homes before anything else in this world. Let us know more about cancer traits.

Cancer Traits


Cancerians are the kind of people who love being at home. They find enjoyment in relaxing at home in the company of their loved ones. They are the happiest when their home atmosphere is cheerful and harmonious.

Cancer Horoscope – Know Everything About This Sign
Cancer Horoscope – Know Everything About This Sign


Their overall character is emotional. At times, they even use emotional manipulation to get their way in life. They are also very rigid. Once they commit to doing something in life, they achieve it no matter what. They are quite persistent and have strong will power. You can often find Cancer people take the tough path in life and break boundaries.

Matters Of The Heart

They are very vulnerable people when it comes to matters of the heart. Cancer people also find it quite tough to open up to someone completely. They rarely reveal themselves or share their secrets. Their weak heart is not a very strong character and lands them in jeopardy more often than not. They are great storytellers and entertainers at a party. They often get too emotional about things, one of the cancer traits that not many like or appreciate.


Cancer is most motivated by his family members and close people. They try to get their way through their positivity and kindness and if that does not work, they often pull back. They dominant God of heaven is the moon according to ancient mythology. The moon is its mother God. Just like the moon, cancers have a trait of protecting their families. As the moon is fertile, so are Cancerians. Their basic strengths can be listed as compassion, sensitivity to emotions, perseverance, and protection of loved ones. Their weaknesses are getting into indirect conflicts, manipulative, brooding in the past, and often unreliable.

Cancer Horoscope – Know Everything About This Sign
Cancer Horoscope – Know Everything About This Sign

Best and Worst Matches For This Star Sign According To Cancer Traits

Best Matches

According to their traits, they are best with partners who are dedicated, romantic, protective, and reliable. The ideal partners for them are those who can love them unconditionally and those who can guide them during their emotional turbulences. The best match, according to these cancer traits is that of Scorpios. They make an ideal match.

Worst Matches

The worst matches for cancer are that with Gemini. Cancer people have fidelity and sensitivity. They are more inclined towards a monogamous relationship throughout their lives. On the other hand, Geminis are free-spirited. When cancer is hurt, they will not be able to come to terms with their emotions or hide their pain. It is best when they avoid Gemini, as heart-break is certain.

These are some of the basic cancer traits you must know about. If you are a Cancer or in a relationship with a Cancer person, these traits will help you get along better or understand your partner.

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