Chinese Zodiac Charms And Their History

Some call them lucky charms. Others, energy charms. You may even have your own pen name for these mystery and curiosity inducing items. Chinese Zodiac Charms. Why are they able to attract the attention of many and have such a following all across the globe?

Chinese Zodiac Charms And Their History

Chinese Zodiac Charms: What Are They?

Similar to the Greek Zodiac, as well as the Roman and Arabic Zodiac we use today. The Chinese Zodiac is represented by 12 signs. Each sign, carrying a symbol of an animal, instead of a cluster of stars.

They’re more than accessories to brighten your outfit. And they’re definitely not to be treated as old relics fit for the keeping in the attic. Similarly, these charms are not simply for show. In fact, what they are are items the Chinese believe possess specific powers and energies to ward off negative vibes.

Also, they serve as reminders of how we can use the information about our signs. Once we know our sign’s strengths and weakness, this will allow us to move accordingly, for our prosperity in the various aspects of life.

How Did They Come To Be?

Just like all things in our world, these have a story. They started somewhere. Plus, their origin will leave you even more curious about these mysterious objects.

One of the more ancient zodiac objects is round pendants or diadems featuring the whole of the twelve animals.

First, the Chinese believe in what a circular or spherical shape signifies. Eternal, continual, united, unbreakable. A reason why most charms can be found in this shape.

Some of the oldest of these types have been found to be door or wall hangings. Additionally, they were positioned in these peculiar spots of houses to ward off bad luck from openings of a home: doors and windows.

Moreover, ones that have round holes at their center are meant to attract negative energy in and through that hole, and out the door.

Others are gems and pearls with meanings that translate into wealth, health and love.

Chinese Zodiac Charms And Their History

When Chinese Zodiac Charms Came To Be

It is strongly believed that the 12 animal symbols were formed and collated as such even before the 5th century BCE. The culture of China is among the most ancient in the world, this isn’t difficult to remember and accept.

During the period when the first-ever Chinese lunar calendar was made, each yearly movement was symbolized with an animal. The animal, depicting character traits that most people born in that year are expected to have.

It started out as the avenue of counting days to months to years. As years passed, shrouds of mystery were attached to each animal. Every one of them, a foretelling of your and my possible destiny.

The charms emerged as tangible objects that depict the calender. Thus, making “luck” itself more tangible as well.

How To Use These Charms

Consult a Chinese Zodiac expert, or read about your symbol. Aside from finding out and confirming traits you are to and already have. You will read to understand that certain types of materials and shapes are related to your sign as well..

To add, you will also find out which ones might not be a match for your sign. And by staying away from these, you will stay away from unfortunate situations inadvertently.

Whether a true believer or not, our suggestion is… give it a go. It might not convince you to believe, but it’ll be fun delving into these signs’ mystery!

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