Four Zodiac Signs - A Review For Each Zodiac -

Four Zodiac Signs – A Review For Each Zodiac

Four Zodiac Signs - A Review For Each Zodiac

Thanks to the new movie Four Zodiac Signs, now we have a fresh new take on the classic dating story. A self-confessed “fan” of the television show, director Patrick Gibson based his story on it to tell a unique and fun story of four modern and unique people.

It was created by Ken Friedman. The original pilot ran for thirteen episodes on CBS in 1993. The series soon began to garner interest from network executives and the producers. They took it upon themselves to get the show picked up for a full season.

Four Zodiac Signs

Four Zodiac Signs - A Review For Each Zodiac
Four Zodiac Signs – A Review For Each Zodiac

It stars Craig Bierko as John, Alex Cross as Jennifer, Paul Soter as James, and Trish Siebert as Paula. James is the oldest of the group and from the looks of things, has everything going for him. Jennifer is a hard-working office worker. She recently discovered she had a talent for drawing and instantly fell in love with her new hobby.

While the unique character of Craig Bierko gave the show a unique and exciting dynamic, the problem the show faced was the usual problem of finding a network willing to go through the trouble of creating a show centered around four different character types. Also, if it didn’t provide a suitable budget, they would not be able to air the show.


Most networks shy away from producing shows centered around four different personalities or telling a complete story with four different characters. In other words, there is nothing better than a show with four distinct characters, but the cost of it usually puts it out of reach.

Fortunately, with the kind of team that was assembled behind the TV show, and the talented, but unusual budget they were given. It is one of the most successful shows on network television. The reason for this is the quality of work that went into creating and starring each of the main characters.

The cast, of course, is filled with wonderful actors. All of them bring a different flare to their characters that makes them different and memorable. Together, they make an interesting and fun pair, whether you love or hate each character.

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The main characters are very well written and bring all the elements needed to become a comedy success. The dynamic between Craig Bierko and the women in his life is just perfect. They often play against type, but that is just part of the fun of watching this show.

One of the most significant difficulties when watching the show is with one of the less popular characters and their quest to find love and a family. One thing you should know about the relationships is that they rarely become stronger than “friends with benefits.”

While the relationship between John and Jennifer is interesting and moving. It is not nearly as strong as the relationship between Craig and Paula. While they begin to drift apart, they quickly begin a friendship that continues throughout the series and all the way to the end.

Bottom Line

Four Zodiac Signs - A Review For Each Zodiac
Four Zodiac Signs – A Review For Each Zodiac

After watching the show, you will become invested in the relationships between the characters. The relationship between James and Paula is the one that holds the most strength. You can also develop a strong bond with Alex and Trish.

All in all, it has become a popular and entertaining show. It is always a treat to watch the dynamic of these four unique characters because if anything, the character changes have made the show even more fun.

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