Getting Acquainted With The Fire Signs Of The Zodiac -

Getting Acquainted With The Fire Signs Of The Zodiac

The Fiery Elements Of The Zodiac Signs

The “fire” of Zodiac signs talks about passion, ardor, vigor and spontaneity. They are impulsive and love to be in the limelight. Unlike the other signs of the zodiacs, they are not calculative . Instead they are flamboyant, reckless, ambitious, and often nurture high dreams. That’s what defines a fire sign of the zodiac in short. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are the trailblazers amongst he twelve zodiac signs.

The Fiery Elements Of The Zodiac Signs
The Fiery Elements Of The Zodiac Signs

Based on their respective elements, zodiac signs are grouped. Each group is known as triplicities. Fire signs are often called “Spirit in Motion”. , as Per Henrik Gullfoss‘ defines it in his book “The Complete Book of Spiritual Astrology.”

Features Of The Fire

The fiery people always look for the things or person that will light them up. They’re susceptible to to sudden enlightening sparks of insight and bursts of enthusiasm. No wonder, they can instantly fire up themselves if they are inspired. Intense passion simply oozes out from their personality. They like to live life king size and often feel frustrated and bogged down by the mundane chores and duties.

Let’s see how compatible is fire with the other zodiac signs.

Fire and Water

Fires are known as inspiring sign. They can inspire anyone around themselves. Fire people are so generous that they can easily impact the water signs even they have lots of psychological baggage. Water and fire makes an emotional journey together that help each other balancing for their own shortfalls. At times, when fire becomes so overwhelming, water smothers fire.

The Fiery Elements Of The Zodiac Signs
The Fiery Elements Of The Zodiac Signs

Fire and Earth

Fires are all about passion and ideas and with the help of Earth signs, they execute the same  This can make the realistic earth sign feel appreciated. After all, no one can miss the fire’s enthusiasm. It is contagious. Right at the time, when earth becomes so bogged down and slow, fire can help them come out of the frustration. Through earth’s eyes, fire may seem unrealistic at times, but fires carry all the enthusiasm and thrust and the Earth to do the efforts require for executing a task.

Fire and Air

When fire and air get along together, it sparks off a plethora of inspired thinking. As you know air flames up the fire. And on the other hand, fire helps the air to find the focus. Often, Air suffers from scattered thoughts. Even optimism cannot help them get into the right track. While the fire can bring them right on track. Airs often have impulse-driven passion, but fires help them follow the finest track. Also fire signs help the air’s perception to develop.

Fire and Fire

Life is all about exuberance and adventure when fire meets fire. It’s an exuberant match, with mutual inspiration and encouragement. The plus point is among all zodiac signs this is one of the most exuberant match. However, at times, the scenario gets heated up and challenge arrives when fiery temperaments turn into struggles and one wants to prevail over the other in gaining dominance.

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