Glow In The Dark Stars To Decorate Your Ceiling

If you want your own stars in your life every day and night, literally. Let glow in the dark stars guide your way! Stars have always been a part of man’s search for knowing more. Something about these heavenly bodies gives us hope and a sense of purpose. Read on to learn about Astrology and why it is the way it is today.

Glow In The Dark Stars: Astrology Today

Glow In The Dark Stars: Astrology And Its History

Astrology is the study of the heavenly bodies, and how they influence man’s character, as well as life situations.

Some argue that this isn’t a science. Additionally, they say Astrology is borderline mystical. Not based on fact. Not based on logic. And not based on objective truth. Also, this should not even be considered a study in itself.

However, others would argue otherwise. Even our ancestors believed in the connection between man and the heavens.

How Astrology Began

The vastness of that expanse is so inviting to any curious mind searching for answers. And this is how the early astrologers began. They looked up to the skies and wondered why the stars were there. The sun. The moon. Additionally, they started studying the patterns and movements of the celestial bodies.

Glow In The Dark Stars: Astrology Today

1000 to 2000 BC, records of man’s first encounter of the study of days and season were found. Babylon’s wisest astrologers noticed how some objects in the sky were steady or were in motion during periods in a year. This led to them find out which ones affect our atmosphere. To add, this led to the creation of the calendar. Man learned how to count days, months, and years.

With the study of the sun, moon and stars came the study of the planets as well.

However, as for stars, something else came about. Astrology.

The Ring Of Animals In The Sky

Our ancestors realized that stars are immovable. They only seem to disappear from the night sky depending on cloud coverage in our atmosphere, brightness down below, and the like. But they are fixed. And have always been.

With this, they realized that there are immovable clusters that seem to form shapes. Shapes we’re familiar with. So, they assigned names to them. Making them easier to remember and point out when seen. Animals’ names were given to these sparkly clusters. Then later, gods and goddesses.

The Indian and the Arabs continue what had, at the time, been forgotten researches by the Greeks. In their own ways of interpretation, there had always been a connecting factor.

After years of setting aside this curiosity-bending study, modern science is beginning to shed some light on it. Seeing possibilities of any real parallelisms of the heavenlies to us, human beings. What’s ironic is that modern science today has become more objective. More truth-bounded and objective. Yet it is today that men and women are becoming more open to the study of the movements of the sun, moon, and stars. And their influence in our lives.

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