How To Make A Starry Sky With A Moon On The Ceiling

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The star ceilings create the illusion that you are looking at the starry sky while relaxing to sleep. Both a child’s and an adult’s room can be decorated with this super creative idea, so you can both enjoy the subtle glow of starlight in the bedroom.

If you are already tired of seeing the same bedroom as your children, and you want to generate the best place for them to relax, this is an excellent proposal to decorate their room. Create a night with a starry sky on your ceiling and feel the sensation of sleeping outdoors!

How To Make A Starry Sky With A Moon On The Ceiling
How To Make A Starry Sky With A Moon On The Ceiling

To apply a star ceiling that shines in blacklight, you will need to use fluorescent paint. It contains pigments that absorb black light and emit fluorescent light in return. Painting a star ceiling is a project where children and adults can have fun.

Materials For Starry Sky

  • Cleaning cloth
  • Container
  • Water
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Brushes of different sizes
  • Glow in the dark paint (water-based) 

Instructions For Starry Sky

Step 1 For Starry Sky

Clean the ceiling with a rag that has been previously soaked in an isopropyl alcohol solution, one part alcohol and one part water, and that it is well wrung out. It removes any dust or dirt that could interfere with the adhesion of the fluorescent paint.

Step 2 For Starry Sky

Put an old canvas or sheet on the floor. It will collect any accidental drips.

Step 3.  

Decide if you want to have a distinctive constellation or just general stars. For a specific constellation, look on the constellation maps or places where you can download them, and lightly mark the wall with light chalk.
Remember that before using the paint, you must remove the chalk.

Step 4. 

Plan the design of your star ceiling. If you have an artistic streak, you can freely paint your star ceiling. Experts recommend that you randomly select the location of your stars and their sizes.

Consider including nebulae, comets, and planets in a variety of colors. For a realistic look, it includes blanks and star clusters.

Step 5. 

Paint the more massive stars with the green paint. An effective way to do this is by dipping the giant brush into the paint, making it soak thoroughly, and pressing it against the wall, so the hairs open in all directions. Remove and repeat the process several times.

Step 6. 

The average stars will be achieved with the same method, but using blue paint and a medium brush. None of the stars should be the same as the others. The key is to make sure that the center of the star’s surface is covered in paint.

Step 7. 

Work the small stars on the wall with a variety of small brushes dipped in white paint. They will shine a little less than the others.
Add a variation to your sky using the small brushes to add dots for the three colors you used. It will give you the feeling of different depths.

Step 8.

Create a kite by cutting a kitchen sponge into a circle and covering one side with green paint. Lean it against the wall and in a circular motion, turn it slightly to the left so that it curves to leave a trail of color.

Step 9. 

Try using a crescent moon template instead of a circle for it. Make a few touch-ups with a sponge and another shade of the same paint so that you will get a more realistic effect.

How To Make A Starry Sky With A Moon On The Ceiling
How To Make A Starry Sky With A Moon On The Ceiling

You can also buy a star map wall decoration for your home. Here is our recommendation.

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It is a high-quality graded canvas that can be preserved up to 30 years. This star map canvas print will be a perfect choice for your home decoration as it captures the attention of guests. And also suitable to be framed to prevent it from fading. Besides, it is best for gift-giving during holidays to remind your loved ones of your significant time together.

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