Interesting Facts About The Maneki Neko

Interesting Facts About The Maneki Neko

The luckiest cat is a fortune charm that is more famous in the culture of Japan and China. You have usually seen this cat in Asian restaurants or shops near the cash counter or the front of the window.  However, these delightful cats usually hold fish or a gold coin in one hand while the other hand is inviting consumers and good luck with people. Apart from this, the luckiest cat is typically known as the name of Maneki Neko.

So, here in this post, we will discuss much more about the Maneki Neko and its good effects on life. Let’s get started!

Interesting Facts About The Maneki Neko
Interesting Facts About The Maneki Neko

Facts About Maneki Neko

 What’s In A Name: Maneki Neko

Maneki Neko means invitation cat or beckoning cat, and in Japanese, its pronunciation is ma-neck-ee-neck-o. But this fortune cat figure is popular in China as well with different names like the golden cat, the Chinese lucky cat, the fortune cat, the welcoming cat, and the money cat.


Well, there are so many legends about how the luckiest cat came to be. The one typical story focused around the temple, restaurant bar, or struggling where the vendor takes in a neglected and hungry cat.  In fact, the cat seated in front of the shop and welcome to the consumers and get prosperity.

Originated History

The Maneki Neko was originated in Japan. Besides, the first fortune cat appeared during the 17th century in the Edo period. 

Movable Parts

Meanwhile, Maneki Neko comes in different designs with moving arms features as well. The touch of a hand can move its arm. And this feature is working with the use of solar-powered batteries so they can be able to move arms for a long time.

 Give A Paw

The luckiest cat has two paws, and it’s one paw move up in a waving gesture or welcoming while another paw is inviting money and good luck. If the cat has left raised paw, then people will use the business flock. If you get a cat with both raised paws, then it is used for strong protection and double good luck.

Where To Keep In The Home?

Maneki Neko cats are considered good luck so that the lucky cats can be placed anywhere in the home. But with a diverse range of colors, it has different meanings too. And these colors define you where you need to place it with a bit of luck.

Gold Cat

The lucky gold cat belongs in your wealth, therefore, placed it in the southeast corner of the desk, home, or office. People believe that it will increase the salary, create financial abundance, unexpected income, or give new opportunities.

White Cat

The lucky white cat is giving positive energy, and it should be placed in the north corner for better prosperity. Also, you can place it in the north for travel.

Interesting Facts About The Maneki Neko
Interesting Facts About The Maneki Neko

Pink And Red Cat: Maneki Neko

Both cats define the color of love, so that’s why keeping it in the southwest corner. In the area of the south corner, the red one will give successful ventures and better fame as well.

So, these all are the amazing facts about Maneki Neko. Besides, you can use the luckiest cat for a gift to your closed ones, your boss, or anyone.

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