Maneki-Neko: The Famous Lucky Cat Statue

That cat made of porcelain. Or faux gold. Plush material. Or even Jade. Yup, the very cat that you sometimes see on a car’s dashboard waving its paw at any onlooker. It has a name. Also, it has a history as adorable as this Maneki-Neko figurine appears!

Maneki-Neko: The Cat Who Brings Fortune

What Is The Maneki-Neko?

It’s not a simple tongue twister, that’s for sure. Neither is it a Japanese kitchen appliance that’s weirdly unique yet helpful. It IS of Japanese origin. Similarly, the name “Maneki Neko” is the Japanese translation of the phrase “beckoning cat.” Or “the cat the calls or summons you.”

An ornament that brings forth fortune and happiness to those who owns it. And to places where it’s placed. Very much believed to signify financial prosperity and fortune, it’s usually set on spots close to where money is stored. Similarly, you’ll find them near cash registers. Car dashboards, to drive straight into fortune. High shelves, so that your finances will always be “on top,”

Its Origin

Maneki-Neko: The Cat Who Brings Fortune

Though of a Japanese name, you will be surprised to know it’s actually more famous as a Chinese ornament. Chinese businessmen collect and display these pieces in hopes to invite prosperity in. During exchanges between Chinese and Japanese traders in the 17th century, the first was able to acquire the infamous cat. Since then, they’ve been a symbol of wealth for the Chinese.

There is no recorded research about the original story of how and why it came to be. However, we’d like you to know about a well-known story of a priest in a temple in old Tokyo. And how, despite having very little himself, would share what he had with his pawed feline friend.

Furthermore, there is lore about how in early Japan, people in need would often see a cat. The cat, looking as though it is beckoning them to draw near. When they do, they are either saved from harm or later on find prosperity and happiness.

Perhaps, because of the priest’s kindness, his cat became Maneki-Neko, as a way of gratitude to the man. In addition, generations after, it would serve as a reminder for us to be kind and prosperity will soon follow at our tails.

More About The Adorable Fortune Kitty

Not a fortune cookie. A fortune kitty. Get it? Do you? *Wink wink. There’s more to the Maneki-neko that meets the eye. We know that it symbolizes prosperity and happiness. That it’s a good luck charm.

However, did you know that the ornament’s actual details mean something? If your Maneki kitty is one that moves its right paw, then it beckons to fortune. The one that moves its left, customers. We just found out, too.

More Info About This Kitty

Their colors translate differently from one another. A black cat drives out bad energy and diseases. Yellow or gold are “gold” magnets. For fortune, basically. Red, like healthy blood (not gross, we promise), is for great health. Pink-colored kitties are love and beauty’s attraction. Finally, the white ones are all about bringing happiness and joy to you and me.

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