Mini-Buddha Incense Holder For Great Ambiance

In a world where chaos is a constant, it’s easy to get burnt out. And when we feel burnt out, we begin to feel anxious. We worry. We harbor negativity. The real one is no longer with us. But we can still have his essence. Mini Buddha’s for our peace? Why not?

Mini Buddha Incense Holder: Be Enlightened And At Peace

Mini Buddha: Gautama Buddha’s M.O.

M.O. (mode of operation) being a very loose and colloquial term. A slang, almost. We’re using it simply to make a point. That decades and decades after his passing, Buddha’s teachings still hold true for you and for me today. Similarly, they continue to be relevant in any generation.

The path to true peace, and truly knowing one’s self. They sound vaguely familiar to you, don’t they? And maybe, they sound a bit too mystical for you to believe there’s an answer found in your reality to those purposeful questions.

Well, Buddha himself (and “mini buddha’s”) remind us that everything is found within. It starts in ourselves. Our perspectives and how we deal with them. Moreover, peace itself can be achieved on our own. Find out how.

Mini Buddha: The Four Noble Truths

Mini Buddha Incense Holder: Be Enlightened

The Truth Of Suffering

Suffering? Yes. Suffering. Don’t be afraid of the word. True, life is full of suffering. In fact, suffering is a major player in our everyday situations. On the other hand, there is always happiness.

This body will inevitably perish because of the sufferings in life. Additionally, this is exactly what will drive you to further search for happiness that is found in contentment and knowing yourself.

The Truth Of The Cause Of Suffering

Suffering is because we desire much, too much. The cause of it is more unlikely than we think. It’s when we become too attached to our desires that make us discontent and therefore suffer. Learn how to live happily with our without the things we desire. And when what we desire does come, it’ll simply be a happy surprise. Not the source of your happiness.

Mini Buddha Incense Holder: Be Enlightened

The Truth Of The End Of Suffering

We cannot will ourselves to stop attaching ourselves to our desires. It doesn’t work that way. On the other hand, when you devote yourself to understanding life, its sufferings, happiness, and contentment, the chips will simply flow automatically. Truth will bind itself naturally, instead of forcefully.

The Truth Of The Path That Leads To The End Of Suffering

This encompasses everything of life. How we think. How we speak of. The way we speak. Similarly, our actions. Our beliefs. Living mindfully second after second, Day after day. This is enlightenment. And this is how we should live.

The Path is not easy. If it were, we would have written this post. You wouldn’t have read it. To add, Buddha himself wouldn’t have had the need to be “Enlightened.” It IS, possible, though. To live our lives towards true meaning, self-acceptance, contentment, and happiness.

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