Numerology For October 2019: The Magical 10th Month

Numerology For October 2019: The Magical 10th Month

Numerology is a predictive science like astrology. It uses the numbers to represent your lives and future. According to this science, each number has specific vibrations that can influence our daily lives. It considers the numbers from 0 to 9 like the astrology uses the nine planets. There is some exceptional numerology for the October month. It is because it is the 10th month and 1+0=1. In the following post, we explain the numerology for October 2019. Therefore, you must read this helpful article very attentively until the last.

Numerology For October 2019: The Magical 10th Month
Numerology For October 2019: The Magical 10th Month

Numerology For October 2019

The ten consists of two numbers that are one and zero. In Tarot, it represents the Wheel of Fortune card, which shows opportunities, development, and changes. It describes the Capricorn in Astrology, which represents determination, ambition, and career.

In numerology, the zero is like a blank page which has description and attributes. It can enhance the characteristics of another number. In October, this number is 1. The one number represents the fresh start in numerology. Hence, it is the number of first times, beginnings, news, etc.

It is the first month of the year, having two numbers. There is a strong influence of Libra this month, which represents balance. Therefore, it is the month to balance things. It means to keep those things with you that can help you to develop.

The Effect Of Sun Number On You Due To Numerology Of October 2019

This predictive science works on a sun number range from 1 to 9. It can indicate your character and attitude. We have explained the math to calculate your sun number.

  • Suppose your birth date is 26th December
  • First of all, add the date and the month: 12+26 = 38
  • Break the sum into two single numbers and add them: 3+8=11
  • Follow the same process until you get a single number: 1+1=2
  • The following are the predictions according to your sun number.
Numerology For October 2019: The Magical 10th Month
Numerology For October 2019: The Magical 10th Month

Sun Number 1: Numerology For October 2019

Someone may invite you to get a work trip. There are also chances of transferring to some other department. However, you must be open to growth and income from new sources. You will get support from friends and family this month. We recommend you to stay calm and avoid abusing words.

Sun Number 2

You can get a promotion or recognition at work. The beloved ones with make you feel more focused. Furthermore, your health will also be in a stable state. However, you must share your feeling and thoughts with your partner to avoid any misunderstanding.

Sun Number 3

During this month, there can be various distractions. You must avoid them and dedicate the time to your goals. You can develop your spiritual feeling by being alone. However, do not interfere with anyone’s problem. Concentrate on yourself and spend time reading books.

Sun Number 4

Stay assertive in finances and career decisions. You can get a reward for your previous efforts. Focus on the work and avoid pleasures. Moreover, it will present you with a preview for your next months.

Sun Number 5

This month can bring some changes in your emotional life. Therefore, you must get ready for it. However, do not begin any new projects at this time. Carefully work on your previous deals.

Sun Number 6: Numerology For October 2019

It can be an ideal time for you to act. Start the things that you have planned. You may meet various new peoples. Do not hesitate for a new friendship.

Sun Number 7

It is the month of diplomacy and leadership for you. Keep a balance of them to deal with your projects. You may also meet someone special if you are single. If you’re in a relationship, the bond will become lovelier.

Sun Number 8

You must care for your mental health this month. Opt for holidays to relax if possible. Do not take any heavy stress. Try to do some fun things and writing for giving peace to your mind.

Sun Number 9

Various new things can come up in a career. Hence, you must be ready for it. Take financial decisions carefully; otherwise, you can experience loss in it. Your partner may appreciate you for your amazing love.