The Link Between Zodiac Signs And Numerology

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Zodiac signs tell a lot about your personality and define the positive and negative personality traits of an individual. However, numerology is also a great indicator of how a person shapes up in his/her life.

People must have heard about individuals having their favorite lucky numbers. While some people find lucky numerology based on religious or superstitious views. Others see a lucky number based on some good deeds occurring on a particular day or month.

Some people think they do not have any lucky numbers because nothing special has ever happened to them, which is wrong. Moreover, the whole notion of lucky numerology is misleading and incorrect.  Neither lucky numbers have any connection with religious or superstitious, nor they have any relationship regarding any lucky events happening to anyone in any particular day or month.

The stars of astrology as well as the various zodiac signs, determine what the lucky number of a person will be. Therefore, the leading indicator of lucky numerology is the Zodiac Signs of every people.

Let us discuss the lucky numerology of 6 Zodiac Signs.

Lucky Numerology of 6 Zodiac Signs
Lucky Numerology of 6 Zodiac Signs


The first Zodiac Sign, according to Astrology, is Aries. Their lucky number is 1 as they are the best to take any decisions, thereby they become good leaders and lead people from the front.


According to the stars of the astrology, the lucky number of Taurus Zodiac sign is 2. Moreover, this is because they are the second Zodiac sign as well as they have the desire to carry out their task with loads of enthusiasm.


The third Zodiac Sign, according to astrology, is Gemini. Their lucky numerology is 5 as they are the best communicators, and number 5 represents excellent communication.

Lucky Numerology of 6 Zodiac Signs
Lucky Numerology of 6 Zodiac Signs


The lucky number of Cancer Zodiac Sign is 7 because this is the number that associates the moon of cancer which dominates them. Number 7 helps Cancer people to have a good relationship and empathetic feeling towards others.


The lucky numerology for Leo is 89. This number brings more transparency in the Leo person’s life for truth and honesty.


The lucky number for Virgo is 5. Besides, this is because Virgo people are outstanding thinkers and logical reasoners, and number 5 associates mental thinking and capabilities.

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