Things You Should Know About Astrology Symbols Cancer


Stuck with a cancer man or woman in your life? These are homely beings who love to be fussed about. If you want to know them better, here is everything you need to know about astrology symbol cancer.

Cancer sign of the zodiac
Cancer Sign of the Zodiac

Astrology Symbol Cancer

Cancerians are born between June 21 and July 22. This water sign is quite intense and emotional. They are also very compassionate and intuitive. So, if you are looking for loyalty and emotional depth in your partner, then Cancers are the perfect bet. They have amazing parenting instincts. To have them as your life partner would give you emotional security and a sense of belonging. They know when your mood is off, and when you land yourself in trouble. They are thus the ones to come to your rescue first.

Cancers are the most reliable of the twelve zodiac signs. They can keep secrets and make strong connections for a lifetime. It is denoted by a ‘Crab’ sign. Some of the famous Cancerians you may know are Princess Diana, Ariana Grande, Solange Knowles, Selena Gomez, Lindsay Lohan, and Nicole Scherzinger. These people are easy to love, and they usually wear their hearts on their sleeves.

cancer astrology sign
Cancer astrology sign

Character Traits


They are nosey people. It may seem to you at times that they have some supernatural sense of intuition. They often say exactly what you are thinking, and guess correctly what you did (Even if you try to hide it, this will be in vain). You may not manipulate, hoodwink, or even lie to them. Thinking that they are too sensitive, it’s a fact that they seem to know it all, and it’s quite difficult to have any conversation with them. So, by knowing them deeply or having someone as your life partner, may often require you to pour out to them openly. Hence, you cannot hide the tiniest bit of emotion from them. They are also too persuasive and will go on and on until you give up and say everything.


Cancers are actually extremely loyal people, which might come across as being too clingy to others. They are the most loyal star signs. They would die for love and kill anyone whom they hate. When they are in love with someone, they can overlook anything, so powerful is their love. Having such a partner is fine, but the problem is when they need the same in return. You may not be efficient enough to show them the same kind of everlasting love. Cancers need proof. So, if you are someone who feels too suffocated with such a person by your side, then perhaps Cancers are not for you. However, if you want a partner who would love to go tap dancing with you on your beck and call, then congrats, you picked the perfect one.


Cancers are quite moody too. They change their moods very swiftly. You may find them laughing one moment and crying the next. An everyday life with a Cancerian can be like riding waves.


It is very hard for a Cancerian to let go of a past grudge or fondness. They can hoard everything from items to emotions. They also refuse to let go of past grievances. It is tough for them to turn off their old flames and passions. They are people who never forget your birthdays or anniversaries. But they also get hurt too easily. Hence, if you have bruised them in some way, they will never forget and can be very vengeful.


Cancer people are also very manipulative. They are a wonderful company and prove to be magical partners. Cancerians are funny, passionate, insightful, and adventurous. But they are also very fragile. They would go to great lengths to get all the support and encouragement too.

All the above were some of the inside traits of astrology symbol cancer. Knowing these elements beforehand will help you deal with a Cancer better.

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